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Exclusive Services

Integrity Water Solutions can also optimize and maintain existing systems.  In fact, in many cases we’ve guided new clients who thought that they needed a new system towards correcting the problems with their current water conditioner at a much lower cost than a new system.

Automatic Delivery Service

We provide our customers with automatic delivery service. At this time our technicians will fill systems as needed, change sediment filters, and test water to ensure system is operating properly. 


Resin Cleaning

Our technicians can perform the recommended yearly resin cleaning on existing water softeners - no matter what brand we can help you! 


Filter Changes and System Settings

Our team of professionals constantly check your water treatment system settings to ensure maximum efficiency. We are committed to providing the highest quality service possible and take pride in delivering clean and safe water to our customers. Trust us to take care of your water treatment needs.


Retail Store

Maintaining your water system is crucial to ensuring your water stays clean and clear all year round. That's why our retail store is stocked with the salt and chemicals you need to keep your water system running efficiently. Come in and stock up on all your water treatment needs today!

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